My nr. six

"Kua Number Six Overall Description (no need for this to be an exact match):
You are born under the year of the CHIEN trigram with the element of metal. In the eyes of others, you appear to be hard and rigid but in contrast, you are calm and cool. You are under the category of being a Commander or Chief of a Department that will only lead others and not be a follower. Being strong headed and obstinate, you tend to be very strict in discipline. You make and enforce all the rules.
Similarly to kua two and three people, kua number six people are obdurate and hard-nosed thus hard to get along with others. You are extremely focused, proud and a perfectionist. Having such character, you tend to be lonely and depressed. One good advice is that you should be taking things with more ease, instead of being so serious.
Chien also signifies sky, energy, perseverance and heaven. Chien's element is big metal and its direction is northwest.
People born in a six metal year are born into the year which fully represents male qualities. In general this means the person is straight and to the point and can be a good natural leader showing their natural authority. They are perceived as quiet and even-handed. Their need to be even-handed can appear as inflexibility, however."

Am primit asta de la un domn tare drag, sa-i zicem A. Dar n-am chef sa citesc ca sa vad daca e asa :))). Ok citesc.

aici gasiti link-ul, poate va intere'.

Hmmmm, asta "Your Best Time of Day: Late Evening" se potriveste de minune. :)))